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for your wedding 

in Locarno, Lugano, Bellinzona, Ticino and Switzerland

If you are setting up your wedding party, wedding professional, wedding planner or event manager, responsible for wedding celebrations, photographers or florists or offering a catering service and need a professional DJ (Disc Jockey)) Who has experience in marriage is right here!

The DJ is the one who pleases and enlivens your marriage to the music you prefer. Dance music or listening to music, you need a character to help you choose the music and offer a variety of suggestions to meet all your needs. Dj Guido Saman can create any kind of atmosphere for any wedding party you want to organize. Marrying without a good DJ is like having a wedding dinner without good food.

Which music should I choose?

for your wedding?

The DJ offers you these music genres in Locarno

For your wedding, choose the music that you prefer and that you want to give to your guests.

In this list you will find some of the music genres in my collection, the genres of music that you can not find here. I can search for it:

Ambient Music and Evergreen: The music that creates an atmosphere of listening is ideal as a "moderate volume" "musical carpet" (background music) that does not bother you and is suitable for a welcome drink, aperitif, lunch or dinner.

Vintage and Revival Music 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s: These genres are perfect for dancing after lunch or after dinner.

Rock, blues, funky and reggae music: If you love the genre, you can enjoy it at any time during your party.

Standard Ballroom, Latin, Caribbean and Smooth and Folk Dances: Among your guests, there are always those who love couple dances. I own every song that might interest you.

Commercial hit of the moment for listening and dancing, international, swiss and italian: we all listen to the hits and can not wait to dance them. You can choose the artists you want.

Electronic EDM dance music: ideal for the aperitif and the continuation of the event. House music, deep house or techno always bring all ages to dance.

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Why choose

Dj Guido Saman 

in Locarno

For over 30 years I experiment with music and have a music collection at 390 °

I have a long experience in weddings and weddings of all kinds, with different types of guests and in different places.

My name is Dj Guido Saman, I specialize in weddings of all kinds. I offer a meeting with the future spouses and a free consultation before the event in order to better plan your expectations. I'm ready to play any genre you want. My service is professional and I have never missed an event. My service is of the highest quality and I only use state of the art audio and lighting materials. I perfectly integrate into any wedding party, am flexible and 100% available to satisfy all your needs.

Why contact the DJ?

to get the best music

at your event and wedding in Locarno

The marriage takes place only once in a lifetime, there are no other opportunities to organize your great party. And that's why you have to turn to quality service.

Call me for a noncommittal cognitive meeting. If you trust me, I will gladly make you a free offer.

What are you waiting for?

Greetings with enthusiasm!

Dj Guido Saman